There are plenty good reasons to keep track of disease outbreaks, from knowing which lettuce brand will give you E. coli, to knowing if you might have to skip cow-tipping season this year, even though bovine encephalitis got you two whole weeks off work last time around. See who's sick with what, pretty much everywhere, with HealthMap.

A comprehensive GMapped breakdown of the latest infectious diseases cropping up around the globe, HM lets you track new and ongoing cases of anything from swine flu to botulism in real time, by culling data from several top global health agencies & Google News, then plotting hotspots, a visual confirmation that you should've done more research before booking your "outside the box" honeymoon in the Congo. To get schooled in trendy sicknesses, scroll over any of the color-coded dots (shaded from dark orange to yellow: orange if the case is particularly recent/several data sources confirm it, yellow if older/less reported), and read a popup blurb of what disease struck there, then click to see a list of links to the data sources (news articles, official health alerts, etc) so you can read up on the full story, and find more reasons to just stay home and masturbate. To drill down the deets, you can check what kind of sick's been going down in a specific country, set a date restriction between the last 1-30 days, limit what types of source feeds the map displays, or check/uncheck diseases to get a hyperspecific map of a particular virus outbreak, because sometimes you want to scare yourself with every form of sick, and sometimes, you just want to focus on River Blindness.

They've also got an iPhone app that basically mimics the full-scale map, so even on the go you can easily find some cows to hang out with that you've got something in common with.