There's nothing worse than the person who recites movie lines ad nauseam, an unfortunate syndrome that leads you to remember that life is like a box of chocolates, and that you can't handle the truth, even though frankly, you don't give a damn. James Bond. Leave classic scenes to the pros, and watch them anytime at

From two movie-lovin' pals and some big-wig Hollywood rich people, Clips is a streaming library of 12,000+ seminal/timeless/ McConaughey-involving movie scenes available free on-demand, letting you relive your favorite bits without having to watch the whole flick, a business model first perfected by that other thing you love so much on the Internet, twice a day. To get sucked in, just search for any film you're craving, or browse in myriad ways, i.e. by actor, action ("battle", "headbutt", etc.), setting (ambulance, cockpit...), or props, which range from Slim Jims to nunchucks; each clip captures a notable moment start-to-finish, is legally licensed by its studio, and runs anywhere between 30 seconds and 2+ minutes, which the site's girlfriend keeps assuring it is perfectly normal. While you're browsing, you get a quick preview when hovering over any scene thumbnail, and each clip's page's filled out with a contextual scene setup (i.e., characters involved/storyline) and allows you to save it to your Favorites, email, or post on Facebook/Twitter, letting you share anything from the Shenanigans scene in Super Troopers to the one in Dead Man Walking where Sean Penn dies...ooops

There's also a "trivia" section for each movie, plus every scene has links to e-shops and iTunes to buy the full length version, some at prices so low, they're an offer you can't refuse. I'll be back!!!



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