When a business idea doesn't take off, you've got to swallow your pride and start from scratch: after "Pepsi AM" failed, the company came right back with something the world now couldn't imagine living without -- clear cola! For a service that totally revamped after the original plan didn't quite hit, check out NewsCred

Originally launched in '08 as an ultimately unsuccessful venture where people voted to determine the most trustworthy news services, Cred's fixin' to break out for real this time with a brand-new Internets site that lets users build custom online newspapers to read or share with friends, letting the everyman get into the lucrative and highly stable media game. Just name your rag and pick a custom URL, then search particular topics or subscribe to general interest (terrorism, technology, business, etc) or hyperspecific feeds like "Bangladesh Elections", "Congo Fighting", or "Rosie O'Donnell"; all stories're auto-pulled in real time from big-gun sources, from the NYTimes, to People, to, for full, unbiased coverage of...OMG, Whitney's dating Brody?!? LC's gonna FLIP!!! AHHHHH!!! When you've made your picks, Cred generates a "front page" with sections displaying the most recent articles, and more extensive further reading just a click away; if you're one of those people with "opinions", you can write and publish your own editorials, and even garnish them with images, because no one's going to take your position column seriously without visual proof that squirrels really can waterski

Shortly, Cred'll be adding a "Premium" version that for only a few bucks per month'll let you run ads on your page to make cold hard cash, embed multimedia content, and choose a totally standalone URL; to increase traffic, simply make it something people're voraciously searching for anyway, like