People create playlists for all sorts of occasions, like house parties, road trips, and those first few sessions of lovemaking before the act is forever tinged with sadness. Hitting you with music for occasions you never even thought of,

From a coterie of nerdy Parisians, Now's a free 'n' easy user-generated playlist portal streaming an eclectic selection of YouTube and music-blog-sourced tunes organized into categories and lists specifically designed to fit with whatever you're up to, because perpetual furious masturbation can get pretty damn tedious without a little "Kiss From a Rose". Get listening by browsing tags, from basic moods (i.e. tired, melancholic, nostalgic), to places/things connected to what you're doing (computer, work, girlfriend...), or search to get uber-specific options from "having dirty sex", to "partying very hard", to "on the toilet" (consisting, fittingly, of just one song by the New Radicals); pick one, and you'll get a list full of tracks you can shuffle or skip forward/back to at any time, from artists as mainstream as Jay-Z and Beck to more obscure acts like Da Grassroots Body and Zebraville -- pretend not to like it, and everyone will know you're lion. You can bookmark any playlist and add particular tracks to your own Favorites list, and Now also constantly recommends other tracks by the same artist; of course, you can also author your own playlists and assign them relevant mood/activity tags -- a more sensitive alternative to your traditional scrawl of "Bernice is a Hooker"

Because it's not nice to be greedy, you can recommend any playlist or track to friends with the click of a button, or if you absolutely can't stand a particular song on a list, you can just modify to your liking -- if only your naked-except-for-socks memories were as malleable.