Serve Me Here

Home delivery has always been preferable to making a trek, from Netflix bringing movies to you, on back to Netgeologicalformationz bringing mountains to Muhammad. Now offering home delivery of...everything else: Serve Me Here

SMH's a 50-state operation that lets you book in-home (or office, or anywhere) appointments with a vast swath of service types, from cooks, to consultants, to virtually any other professional short of the kind that drinks a pint of milk before blowing up himself and Gary Oldman. Just register, scour listings by location or keyword, choose an appointment time, book the gig via their Open Table-type scheduler, and the provider'll confirm by phone or email; money's handled between you and the pro, allowing you to gain satisfaction before payment, and them to evade their taxes. Beyond lawyers and masseuses, some of the specialist labor includes: web design from an award-winning San Fernando Valley firm, Hebrew lessons from Brooklyn's "Ori" (who'll actually sing to you, among other things), and... a "30 min Private Walk", thoughtfully in "English or Russian", just in case you can't walk in English

If you suddenly decide you won't need that 3am life-coaching, just contact the pro directly and in good time, but beware: abuse the system with excessive cancellations, and SMH will close your account, so whatever your personal mountain is, you'll once again have to broke your back getting there.