Fremont's only real sports hang

Going against the progressive grain can be rewarding -- amidst the man-makeup'd New Wave 80s Huey Lewis scored a huge hit with "Hip to be Square", and hey, who kicks more ass than Putin? No, for real, he'll end you. Planting a square sports-bar flag on Fremont Street, LTD Bar+Grill

A corrugated metal-clad space sporting giant garage-style doors & windows, LTD is setting up shop as the high-end hipster-hood's only true sports hang, with raw wood floors, bar-height seating, pool, shuffleboard & Golden Tee, and so many flat screens that, like the 70s funk-disco band LTD, every time you turn around, you're back in love again. Sandwiches rule the menu, from grilled ham & cheese and a house relish'd hot dog, to ale-battered cod, hot turkey w/ gravy mashed potatoes, meatloaf, the ½ lb Stuffed burger (appropriately injected w/ American cheese), and the bacon/grilled onion/sautéed mushroom/ham/egg/cheddar/Swiss Gut Bomb -- nice, because you are what you eat, and you've always wanted to be The Bomb. Because why wouldn't you down two meals, the extensive app menu features multiple wings styles, quiche-like Mac & Cheese Wedges, ale-battered mushrooms & zucchini, pigs in a blanket, and fried pickles; they also offer every app "loaded" (w/ cheese, bacon, chives & jalapenos), prompting an infringement suit from Potato Skins' lawyer

Watched over by a bust of Rainer's original brewmaster, the bar slings mainly NW favorites (Redhook, Mac & Jack's, Manny's), and provides further entertainment via built-in table top games like Monopoly and Scrabble, which'll convince you to go against the grain of literacy, and argue for the power of "luv".

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