Nau Clothing

Environmental activists aren't known for their fashion sense, what with the more militant ones typically wearing camo despite there being no more trees to blend into. Bringing stylishness to planet-saving, Nau Clothing

Just shipped to Seattle with full carbon offsets, this minimalist, 100% sustainable (recycled/organic fabrics, green facilities, etc.) multi-purpose gear is from a Portland outfitter intent on "redefining" cool while simultaneously "unf**king" the world -- something Superman could do merely by flying around it very fast, but then again, wearing underwear over your pants doesn't redefine cool. The highly technical, tailored threads begin with helmet-compatible outerwear like the rain/snow repellent, offset zip 850-fill "Down Hoody", and the breathable water/windproof hardshell "Asylum Jacket"; form-over-function gear includes the lightweight 5 button/2-way zip closure "Shroud of Purrin Trench" with zip-off hood, and the simple, incredibly soft "Go-more-pile" fleece -- made from recycled plastic bottles and polyester scrap, though given Nau's MO, that's hardly a surprise, surprise, surprise. Beyond outerwear, there's accessories (Italian woven merino wool scarf), pants (heavy-weight double twill cargos w/ articulated knees; regular, straight-leg, or slim-fit denim) and man-tops like the herringbone-western "Free Range", the subtly striped, long sleeve cotton/spandex "Polo-tariat", and the cashmere/angora "Bunny Goat Hoody", so cute you'll forgive it for eating all the aluminum in your house.

So that you too can help, Nau's donating 10% of every online purchase to non-profits like Mercy Corps and Ecotrust through its program Partners For Change -- or, what less fashionable environmentalists than yourself look like they should be begging for.