A bar/resto duo from a sweet chef duo

Husbands and wives teaming up professionally can serve as an effective way to bang down stereotypes about workplace gender roles, unless that team is Hillary and Bill Clinton, in which case only one of them is doing the banging. That's right: Al Gore. From a husband and wife team focused more on banging out sweet grub, Revel and Quoin.

Helmed by the married (Iron) Chef duo behind accolade-heavy Joule, this former commercial space is split into two separate spots: Quoin, an industrially appointed 20-seat drinkery specializing in infused syrup/bitters-heavy 'tails and flavored Korean Sojus; and Revel, a casual 40-seat box (serving street food-inspired Asian/French small plates) dominated by a 32ft wooden bar overlooking its open kitchen, and arted with giant Technicolor portraits featuring the likes of Randy Macho Man Savage, though the food will make you anything but slim, Jim. To that note, sustenance is divided into categories like pancakes (Pork Belly w/ kimchi & bean sprouts), Noodles (Five Spiced Duck Balls w/ lacinato kale & smoked chili) and egg-yolked rice bowls, one of which comes w/ wintergreen, seven spiced walnut & shiitakes, but not sh*t takes, as the market for those's been cornered by Paul Walker. Behind the bar (pronounced "coin") there's Fre-Ball-based brews (Maritime, Fremont Brewing), the aforementioned infused Sojus (vodka-like barley wine flavored w/ carole orange, lemongrass, etc.), and 'hood named 'tails like the Fremont Abby w/ Lillet, Chartreuse, orange bitters & Plymouth gin -- an ideal choice for the drinker looking to get Rocked.

Outside, graffiti-splashed R&Q boasts a garage-style-door accessed deck with space for 35, and starting in January there'll be Sunday brunch with edibles like Porridge w/ pumpkin, rum raisins & brown sugar, and a noodle soup w/ black pudding & Swiss chard called Korean Hangover, also the way Bill felt after banging down a ton of stereotypes with that intern from the State Department's Asia desk. That's right: Al Gore.

Photos Contributed By Jackie Donnelly Baisa