Smart men turn life experiences into a career, though be warned: few people have need of a professional "take a bite of a Fudge Stripe cookie without biting a single stripe" guy. Mining his non-cookie-eating experiences to make threads, the guy behind Spacecraft.

Started as a guerrilla sticker campaign by a former pro skater/UW trained artist, SC's turned his love of boarding and illustration into a line of streetwear and snow-cessories, all graced by a graphic image taken at Alpental of an old UFO-ish snow cat, but not an old snow bunny, with whom you mostly want to avoid close encounters.

The headwear heavy lineup includes beanies (the alien-arted Nootka tweaked w/ ear-flaps, a fleece-lined handknit number w/ Secret Gnome detail), belts (the Bali beach-landscaped Bob Ross), and hilariously off-kilter ski-masks like the bunny-earred acrylic Road Kill, and one fronted by a "big knit beard" called The Scout, which should be most frequently worn by the one who suggested the M's pass on Tim Linsecum.

Non-accessories range from the snap-fronted Hooded Woven Flannel in black and white plaid, to the cotton-poly zip-front Quilted Hoodie, to tees like the screen-printed New Jet City, which boasts a floating collection of famous urban landmarks, and the outer space pastoral Astronaut Farmer, also the worst thing Billy Bob's ever done, aside from divorcing Angelina, and blues-singing, and Pushing Tin...OK, so it's in the top ten.

The SC website's also home to a gallery of the original art featured on their tees (Super Spacecraft Ninja Force featuring a whimsically afro'd Tom Selleck), as well as an invitation to join their Art Adhesive Mobilization Unit, which'll send you back some "stickers from space" if you send two bucks and a self addressed stamped envelope -- a business model that might've worked with the cookies, if the demand weren't so much kfeebler.