This fried chicken-scented candle is better than all other candles ever

You know how you walk past that fried chicken restaurant on your way home every day after work and have to use all your willpower just to keep yourself from stuffing your face with it? Well, now you can do that in your very own home, while trying not to stuff your face with this fried chicken-scented candle from Kentucky for Kentucky.

The candles were created by Kentucky luminary Kathy Werking, using a method described only thusly: "she fries chicken in all-natural soy wax and adds an infusion of family secrets". So, yeah, there's actual fried chicken in these things.

The candles go on sale on Friday, November 22nd at 10:30am on their website. Good luck resisting your fowl urges now.

kentucky candles
Kentucky for Kentucky

The candles're also available in "Ale 8" and "Kentucky Derby" scents, which apparently smell like "ginger with a fresh citrus twist" and "vanilla-bourbon" respectively, though we all know the real centerpiece here is the Colonel's ultimate vice. Act fast and you can get all three (there are only 25 of each type available) for your home, and get transported to Kentucky for as long as they last. Or you could actually go there. Your choice.

(Hat tip to Foodbeast for finding these.)