Resurrection Ale House

Succeeding in a competitive market requires persistence, dedication, and a product that's superior and unique, which explains the dismal sales of your "Also a Sham-Wow". Offering Philly beer enthusiasts another strong option in the city's ever-growing specialty suds scene, Resurrection Ale House.

Just a year-and-a-half after their initial foray into the bar biz, the local couple behind Memphis Taproom and Local 44 have taken over the old Yello'Bar, renovating it as a rustic split-level "beer bistro" with a constantly rotating draft list and a brawny selection of hard-to-find bottles complemented by a full noon-to-midnight menu, jazzed up with sage and ivory walls, a vintage-beer-can installation, and five marble-topped round tables in the window at the front gazing out at the former Naval Home, reminding you of how troublesome it is to reliably get chlamydia these days. On the draft side, a dozen taps (and one cask engine) pour a veritable beer geek's dream selection, from locals like Sly Fox O'Reilly's Stout and the seasonally appropriate Dogfish Head Punkin', to not-so-local domestics including Ommegang Rare Vos, Lagunitas Lucky 13 red ale & the Abbey-style Brewer's Art Resurrection Ale, to rare imports like Schlenkerla Helles, Ayinger Octoberfest, and Cantillon Cuvée des Champions, leading you to deduce "cuvée" is French for "breakfast". A 40+ strong bottle list features nary a brew packing less than 5% ABV (most are 7%+), including an impressive array of Belgian lambics, with four from Cantillon and a pair from Oud Beersel (the sour lambic-mix Geuze & the raspberry-tinged Framboise), plus a ridiculous selection of Belgian strong ales, from six varieties of De Dolle including the pale, honey-/pepper-spiced Bos Keun, to Regenboog's pale Wostyntje, and their even stronger, darker BBBorguoundier, whose labelmaker was apparently swilling the 12% ABV quadruple on the job.

Grubwise, Resurrection's offerings rest strongly on farm-fresh local produce in their salads and garnishes of heavier fare like hoisin-braised pork ribs, gnocchi w/ lobster, and chicken that's twice-fried -- but if you call right now, your third fry is free, and you'll also get a tube of Mighty Putty As Well.