When suffering through the throes of relationship trouble, seeking the sage advice of those close to you can lead to much-needed solace, or just years of "cries when orgasms" jokes. Get intimate advice from people you don't even know, with Breakkup.A Digg-styled community dedicated to exploring relationship issues, BKU lets users post predicaments to a "Latest Drama" page, where community members vote on whether to Break Up or Chill Out, as well as leave specific comments, with the most pathetic active posts being slapped up on the homepage. Amongst the personal wreckage:Moral Issues:Flawless: "Ok I been with my gf for 5yrs we are high school sweethearts...[but] I recently started talking to another girl which I had sex with already."Oscar: "you should break up with her and trust me she will come back for more that way you don't need to lie to the others girls about having a gf..."Grade School Issues:WorstNightmare: "...we'd be so comfortable with each other. I made him a drawing and he liked it...He said he doesn't like me only because be doesn't want to hurt me."Jaded: "7th or 8th grade?"Nerd Issues:iPhoneJ: "[My girlfriend and I] play a game called World of Warcraft...Recently I found out that she gave her aol screen name to a couple of her guildmates... It seemed like they were flirting."Revniceguy: "If she's a douche about it, pack yo **** son."In the event you have no stones, the site's augmented by a Breakup Assistant. Submit a name, address, and grievances, and BKU's personal assistants will send your formerly-loved one a letter ranging in tone from You Really Hurt My Feelings to Don't Ever Talk To Me Again -- doubly painful, as their tears won't flow from sweet ejaculation.