Madoff Mail

Mail day is one of the inmate's few pleasures, when he's reminded, for a few fleeting moments, that there are people out their who care 44 cents about him. Buoy one notorious inmate's will to live without even buying that stamp, with Madoff Mail

Run by an NYC trio laden with maddy issues, Mail posts user-submitted "letters, drawings, poems, photographs, posters, collages, and doodles" addressed to #1 awesome A+ investor Bernie, then physically mails the collected works to the Metropolitan Correctional Center on every six-month anniversary of his sentencing (Madoff Mail: for when you care enough to send the very worst the very best). Current dispatches range from a board game pun ("Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $50 billion"), to a playful Hangman reference, to a Photoshop of a thumbs-up Bernie/Fonzie saying "the Ponz says this investment is AAAYOK", a "buck up, Bernie" reminder that, while 150 years is rough, at least he's not spending it in Milwaukee. While pretty much anything goes, the proprietors do plan to "gently curate the submissions to make sure nothing horribly offensive goes up", so if you're planning on a death threat, try to make it eloquent

This fall, Mail will collect the best submissions for a public gallery show -- so Mr. Madoff will know that, for a few fleeting moments, people cared, people cared tiny-cheeses-and-boxed-wine for him.