Knife-Guns, Tactical Axes, and More Ridiculous Items TSA Confiscated in February

Published On 03/03/2015 Published On 03/03/2015

A month can't go out with a bang unless you've got confiscated fireworks and guns in the mix, am I right? From the pages of the TSA's always entertaining Instagram, here are the ten most ridiculous items that were confiscated last month. 


10. Fake Dynamite

From the makers of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!® and I Can't Believe I'm In Jail!®


9. Weed In a Tomato Juice Can

In their defense, weed is the only way to make a plane ride fun—especially if you're limited to only a few 3.4 fluid ounce-bottles of vodka. 


8. Fireworks

What's a Valentine's Day without illegal fireworks? Or as TSA calls it, a potential bomb.


7. A Loaded Firearm

According to statistics, this is the preferred method of setting off metal detectors!


6. A Comb Knife

Somewhere in the world—at this exact moment—someone's dad is making a pun about killer hairdos. 


5. Tactical Axes

Just in case snakes are aboard, right?


4. A Knife-Gun

It's a gun! It's a knife! It's a—both!? If you bring this gun to a knife fight, does the universe explode?


3. A Brass Knuckle Knife

For those super-violent people who happen to be incredible at multi-tasking. 


2. Punching Weapon

It's a little disconcerting that this weapon was specifically made for punching, when it really only takes one singular punch to f*ck someone up.


1. A Batarang

It takes a sick, twisted monster to strip a Batarang from a hard-working citizen. The type of sadistic freak who no moral compass or sense of—OH MY GOD IT WAS THE JOKER WASN'T IT. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and wouldn't mind a Batarang for his birthday. 



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