10 Necessary Items to Keep Your Desk Clean and Your Mind Sane

If you’re anything like me and spend up to 24 hours a day on your computer, you’ll notice that it’s not the easiest thing in a world to keep a clean workspace. That definitely plays into the popular saying “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind that definitely forgot you had plans to get juice together yesterday.” I think that’s how it goes.

Whether it’s a mountain of stray fingernail clippings or an accumulating checklist of things you just can’t seem to get done, physical or metaphorical dirt can make your days seem longer and stress you out to the point of misery. So, here are some simple ways to make sure you don’t go crazy on the job—because that’s way above your pay grade.

1. USB keyboard vacuum

Price: $4.33
Well, heck, look at this little guy! It looks like an aardvark! For just over $4, you can own a USB-powered vacuum cleaner that picks up all the dirt, dust, and crumbs from your keyboard. Gone are the days where your coworkers shamed you for eating muffins between Facebook posts.

2. Cable organizer

Price: $3.56
There’s nothing worse than stray cords. This cheap cable organizer will keep everything in place and keep all of your desk wires from going, uh, haywire.

3. Multipurpose speakers

Price: $199
Better yet, just say 'no' to wires entirely. The House of Marley speaker has an unobtrusive USB port in back for connecting your phone as well as Bluetooth capabilities to wirelessly connect your devices. 

4. A notepad

Price: $16.31
Though some scoff at paper notes these days, keeping a written checklist (like, with pens and paper) can help keep things in order through the act of physically scribing and then crossing off a task when it's completed. Seeing a breakdown of your responsibilities and following the 1-3-5 rule where you try to accomplish “one big thing, three medium things, and five small things” will ensure those tasks actually get crossed off.

5. Compressed air

Unless you’re addicted to huffing duster (which you really shouldn’t do, by the way) compressed air is a totally convenient thing to have nearby and vital for keeping your computer clean and fast. Pro-tip: shoot some air into your computer’s holes to get rid of that excess dust on the inside.

6. Binder clips

Price: Free if you steal them from work
Binder clips are amazingly useful for all kinds of odds and ends, including but not limited constructing to a DIY headphone hanger. Boom: more desk space without breaking the bank.

7. Hand sanitizer

Price: $16.99

8. Apple watch stand

Price: $16.99
If you were lucky enough to get your hands on an Apple Watch and realistic enough to know it’s going to be defunct in about one year, you should totally splurge on this bamboo dual charging station. You can hold onto and charge your phone and watch and there’s still room for non-Apple products like pens.

9. Ikea's Dokument letter tray

If you want it, IKEA has it. Sometimes a hack can’t take you as far as you want, so you might as well spend the $9 for a nice document holder. It doesn’t take up much space and will drastically cut down on clutter.

10. Logitech's wireless K480 Keyboard

Price: $49.99
This little guy is a lifesaver if you find yourself switching between your tablet, phone, and computer all day. The battery-powered setup, which also serves as a stand for most phones and tablets, allows you to toggle between three different Bluetooth-equipped devices, switching from one to the next by turning a dial in the upper left-hand corner.

Jeremy Glass is a writer for Supercompressor and his desk is littered with NERF stuff. 

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