11 Easy DIY Office Hacks To Improve Your Workday

Since you spend the majority of your week in the office, you owe it to yourself to make your time there as pleasant as possible. And while we don't advise any Office Space-caliber cubicle felling, we do fully endorse these 11 DIY office hacks that'll significantly improve your workday.

1. The coffee clock

If you have a communal coffee machine, fashion something similar to these stacked paper plates and make sure everyone knows to update it whenever they brew a fresh pot. This way, you're never stuck sipping a stale brew.

2. The paper clip phone stand

With a few quick bends and twists you can fashion any standard paperclip into an impromptu stand for your phone or tablet, creating a handy second screen.

3. The decoy jacket

In the winter, keep a spare jacket on hand to hang on the back of your chair when you feel like ducking out early. Everyone will think you're still at the office, even though you've been camped out at happy hour since well before 5.

4. The binder clip headphone holder

Binder clips are like the duct tape of office hacks: there's nothing they can't fix. Clip a large one to the edge of your desk for a convenient stand for your over-ear headphones. Or wrap your earbuds around a smaller one to keep the cord from tangling. They're also a great tool for preventing your bounty of power cords and wires from balling up into an unruly nest. 

5. The MacGyver fork

Forgot your utensils at home and the office kitchen is fresh out? Don't panic. With a pen, some tape, a few paper clips and some moxie, you can fashion a janky-looking-but-otherwise-perfectly-functional fork in a matter of minutes. Or, you could just keep a set of these in your filing cabinet for a rainy day.

6. The mirrored sunglasses-on-the-desk trick

They're not there to protect you from the awful fluorescent glare, but rather to act as a rearview mirror to give you a heads up when someone is approaching so you can calmly close all those NSFW tabs.

7. The monitor lift

If you haven't hopped aboard the standing desk train, you should at least make sure you're not staring down at your monitor all day. Boost it up on a stack of books or boxes to right below eye level to prevent eye strain.

8. The Scotch tape keyboard cleaner

Your computer's keyboard is a gruesome mess of bacteria and dust, so it's in your interest to clean between the crevices fairly frequently. And if you can't find a can of compressed air, just roll Scotch tape into a narrow tube that fits between the keys, and voila. 

9. The bottle opening charger

Need an adult beverage stat, but can't find a bottle opener? It turns out that sans cord sections, Apple's laptop power adapters are exceptionally suited to pop the caps off of beer bottles.

10. Mug cakes

Nothing breaks up the midday doldrums like a piping hot personal cake. All you need is a mug, some mix, and five minutes.

11. The key card in your phone case

There's nothing more frustrating than the overcompensating security officer not letting you into your office building because you thoughtlessly forgot your key card. Make sure it doesn't happen again by keeping it alongside the one thing you're never without: your phone.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and in the market for a cheap pair of mirrored aviators.

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