These Stealth Jackets Completely Protect You From The NSA

No matter how you feel about Edward Snowden's leaks, he's made us all painfully aware how thoroughly we're digitally tracked and traced. Every transaction, every text, even our precise locations—all thanks to those smart phones (and watches) we've grown so tethered to. But apart from unplugging completely, escaping the reality of incessant surveillance is pretty much impossible. Or is it?

The folks at The Affair, whose purview up until now has been turning out literature-inspired graphic t-shirts, are set to debut a line of stealth apparel that makes you virtually invisible to Big Brother. This could be the future, folks. Check it out.

The capsule collection of shirts, jackets, and pants, which they've aptly named 1984, combines the workwear aesthetic of Orwellian fiction with a proprietary system of signal-abetting pouches affectionately called the UnPocket. It stashes your phone or tablet, lined with special tech that blocks WiFi, GPS, RFID, and cellular reception. Basically it turns your phone into a paperweight. 

Take that, NSA. 

The collection is currently underway on Kickstarter and will eventually include a workshirt, jacket, blazer, chinos, sweats, and a t-shirt—all of which are distinctly plain, a nod to the objective of keeping you unnoticed.

And you don't necessarily need to swap out your entire wardrobe to remain protected since they're also selling standalone waxed canvas UnPockets, which provide the same level of police-grade shielding as the ones integrated into the actual clothing. 

Suit up, and the only way the government (or any other hackers, for that matter) can swipe your business is to get into your pants. Good luck with that. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor. He sticks to the old anti-interference method: tin foil hats!