6 Tents Perfect for Summer Camping

It's nearly summer, which means that you can and should sleep outside under the stars as often as possible. To help rekindle your friendship with nature, we've selected some of our favorite tents for your enjoyment.

Ticla TeaHouse 3 - $375
Ticla's TeaHouse tent won us over for two reasons. First, it's incredibly spacious and actually meant for three people. Props to them for not inflating their capacity numbers. Second, it has phenomenal doors that allow for a view. It may not be the lightest, but it's easy to set up. We call it the perfect car-camping tent.

Volkswagen Van Tent - $500
It's a full-scale tent replica of one of the greatest vehicles in history. What more is there to say? 

Mountain HardWear Optic 2.5 - $240
The Mountain HardWear Optic 2.5 has similar door-sizing to the Ticla—giving it spectacular views compared to most tents—and weighs in at around six pounds, making it a great choice if you have to hoof it to the campsite. We also appreciate the ".5," whatever it means.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent - $299
Packed and ready, this two-person tent comes in just under four pounds. Let's go over that again—four pounds! This allows you to bring more beer with you wherever you're going, or have a lighter backpack if you're not feeling "fun."

Tentsile Tree Tent - $599
Want to hang out in a tent and don't like being on the ground? Tentsile has you covered with their portable treehouse, a tent system that can give you some serious Swiss Family Robinson vibes. 

London Underground 1:1 Scale Tent - $3,333
This is the one thing on this list that can trump one of the all-time tent greats: the wedding tent. Well, if you used the London Underground full-scale tent for a wedding, you would win summer, hands down.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. His birthday is in the late summer, and he wants that train tent. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.