7 Brilliant Multi-Functional Products That Do Anything You'd Ever Need

You don't need more things in your life, you just need better things. 

These 7 items go beyond the usual call to action, providing super-packed all-in-one uses that will cut down on the clutter in your life without sacrificing usefulness.

1. BauBax Jacket

It's an eye mask! It's a pen! It's a... jacket? One of the top 10 most funded items in Kickstarter history, the BauBax jacket puts the "multi" in "multifunctional." It not only works as a water-repellent and wrinkle-free jacket that stands up as a handsome piece of apparel alone, but it also comes equipped with a neck pillow, a stylus, a blanket, gloves, and a drink pocket, among other super-specific storage compartments. Perfect for hiking trips, or, you know, impromptu naps in the park.

2. Coolest Cooler

Price: $485
Coolest has everything you need for an outdoor party, providing not only cold drinks but music, phone charging, light, and food prep space in one big self-powered package. Now you can tailgate without needing an actual tailgate--or draining your car battery.

3. Lakeland Multichef

Price: $400
The kitchen appliance industry hasn't really been at the forefront of space-saving innovation by the looks of most of our overcrowded counters. Honestly, it's probably why kitchen islands exist. But if you don't have space for an island--or if you'd rather not clutter it up with six small appliances--the Multichef can meet all your blending, chopping, grating, whipping, kneading, steaming and pasta-cooking needs. It's basically the closest we've ever come to that food-making machine they had in the Jetsons.

4. Happy Camper Compass

This 10-in-1 gadget is an adventurer's necessity. Working as a compass, pocket knife, thermometer, level, whistle, flint with striking blade, and numerous other lost-in-the-woods-without-GPS essentials, this teeny 3" x 1" compass will save serious space on your camping pack that could be better used for food, or whiskey.

5. Living Cube

Price: $1,500+
If you're trying to furnish a room in the most minimalist and stress-free way possible (we're lookin' at you, IKEA), the Living Cube is it. This furnishing gift from the gods looks like a simple TV bookcase, but hides "bike & skateboard mounts, a drop-down workspace, a coat wardrobe, a minibar, multipurpose drawers, a queen-size bed-ready loft, and an interior 'New Room' with additional storage large enough to fit a couple miniature horses.

6. Wallet Ninja

Price: $10
For the slimmest, most space-consciously designed piece of multifunctional gadgetry, this razor sharp multitool delivers practical punch after punch (18, to be exact). This wallet-sized steel card pulls nails, opens letters and boxes, peels fruit, and repairs eyeglasses, among 13 other micro day-to-day functions. And, it fits in your wallet. So you can open bottles—and impress bar friends—on the go.

7. ... and let's not forget, your coffeemaker

Sometimes, the best all-in-one tools require just a little bit of imagination and outside-of-the-box thinking. Did you know your coffeemaker can cook your oatmeal and boil your eggs? All-purpose never tasted so good.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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