7 Essentials To Get Your Buzz On While Cruising The Mountain

This has not been approved by your mother.

Ploom Pax Vaporizer - $250
This thing is so discrete it looks more like you're taking a hit from an inhaler than a high-powered portable vape. After filling an oven on the butt-end (like a one hitter) you turn it on and off by pressing the retractable mouthpiece in and out. Easy enough, you won't even need to take off your gloves.

Firefly - $269.95
The rechargeable battery packs 50 hits, 50 hits that are as chill to light up as holding down a button on the side. It's a really quick fill with an even light, meaning it'll give you a strong flow each and everytime, making sure that by the time you reach the top, it's safely stowed in your jacket pocket.

Smoking Mittens - $16.00
Smoking is already pretty bad for you; don't make matters worse with frostbite. These mittens feature a metal grommet that snugly fits your cig, so you can get your fix while keeping warm.

High Sierra Marlin - $69.95
Perfect for the ride over. With different sizes, these hydration packs will keep you going all day. And these have gnarly insulated hoses built to make sure your beer water doesn't freeze. (You also have space for all your extra ski and snowboard gear and other vices.) The only problem is you'll probably be ducking in and out of trees to take umpteen leaks.

Scarf Flask - $21.98
But if you want a booze-dispensing accessory you can wear down the slopes, look no further. Pull out the discreet valve when you need a quick shot of liquid jacket, and tuck it away when you're done.

The Original Disposable Flask - $3.99/7.5 ounces
Read product name. These grown-up Capri Suns are the perfect BYO beverage to pair with your overpriced bowl of chili. Enjoy your booze, and then toss the evidence when you're done.

Freaker Koozies - Set of 3 for $29.97
In frigid temps, the last thing you want is to clutch a freezing-cold glass or metal bottle. Put a sweater on your brew with these cableknit koozies that embody all the vices near and dear to your heart.