8 all-natural cold-weather grooming essentials

This regular-but-irregular guide to goods will make your lives a little better, and you or your home a little more pleasant to be around. However, there are no cures to thinking deodorant is optional.

Some tips to staving off the cold front's direct and indirect effects.

In the Washroom:

JuaraInvigorating Coffee Scrub - $37
Waking up in winter when you've found that sweet spot under the pile of blankets is damn near impossible. But this makes it easier. In the container, it smells like chocolate cake batter. Then you scrub the soap replacement over your body and it releases a powerful coffee aroma like you're pouring a freshly-brewed batch over your head — without the scalding and subsequent scarring. This ought to go a long way to loosen up stiff joints and groggy sinuses.

Herbivore BotanicalsDetoxifying Clay Soap+Hydrating Face Oil - $8 + $36
This one-two punch is great for the drier months. The soap is made from Dead Sea Clay — and while we don't know what that means, it makes for a body and face treatment that both replenishes and rehydrates. Then you have the oils which will replace a moisturizer (if you even use one) to ensure that you're not wincing from crackly, chapped skin.

Maak LabsBar Soap for Tanner Goods - $10
Run-of-the-mill hand soaps have a tendency of removing oils from your skin. Maak Labs has made a science of soap to reverse that effect. And with names like Wildwood, Shoreline, and Upland, it'll make the simple ritual a transporting experience to the great outdoors.

On the Go:

AesopTuberose Lip Heal - $31
With a handful of deceptively delicious-sounding oils going into it, it's a super hydrating roll-on (no wax base, like with most chapsticks) that will keep you from looking like someone coming off a Bath Salts bender.

The Body ShopHand Protector - $13.44
This stuff is for "very dry skin," protecting the one extremity most exposed to the environments, with fatty acids from hemp oil to lather up your thirsty mitts.

For the Home:

BlackbirdHibernus Incense Pyres - $28/Tin
Probably been awhile since you burned one down — and that was probably to mask other scents — but warm up your apartment with this arctic fragrance that brings the frozen tundra to your hearth. It's a nice, miniature fireplace for those who don't have a real one.

PaddywaxTobacco & Patchouli Apothecary Candle - $19
Again, not everyone has the luxury of a fireplace, but there's something about an earthy fragrance that warms any home right up. This hearty combo is a cabin in the woods, bottled up in a jar.