What Did People Do Before GoPros?

While the GoPro is definitely singularly responsible for all your friends' rad skateboard edits, they didn't actually invent the action cam. Before the GoPro, action cams had to be ingeniously jury-rigged, sometimes with another person involved, making the filming of the stunt often as incredible as the stunt itself. If you've ever struggled to get your GoPro off a selfie stick, just be thankful you weren't born earlier.

There used to be a certain level of skill required in wearing an action cam. It probably would take months of neck muscle training to even pose for this photo.

This Texan made his own GoPro with a plastic bag, camera mount, hot glue, and a little bit of cunning. Well done sir.

Hood-mounted camera? Yes, that's one way of putting it. This right here is dedication to art. 

When you're going super fast, it's sometimes better to have the car that's filming you actually be part of your vehicle.

 Derek Daly Tyrrell's 1979 F1 car had an extremely serious onboard camera.

But back in 1954, F1 had to toss a dude on the back of this Maserati to get the sweet shots for their promo reels. 

The 1978 filming of Mad Max looks way more badass than the actual film.

1987 technology made The Great Mountain Biking Video possible.

We imagine this 1986 GoPro probably slowed number 370 down in his race. But at least he got some killer footage... of the winner crossing the finish line in front of him.

McLaren captured some sweet driver angles in 1978.

Chris Hemsworth probably didn't have a blind spot this big when he filmed Rush. But James Garner still got the job done.

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