Finally, Adult Big Wheels Exist

Many years ago, when that Big Wheels became a little wheels, you probably thought you were done with those penny farthing-esque machines. While you still can be done if you so choose, you can now get an Adult Big Wheels, thanks to High Roller USA. 

These front-wheel drive beauties truly take biking back to the basics. This isn't a fixed gear, folks — there are no gears to fix. Since you're probably going to be doing some pretty dumb stuff on these, High Roller has included a front brake. However, since all your weight is on the back wheels (Big Wheels are the choppers of trikes), this brake is an invitation to do some sick drifting.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He upgraded from a Big Wheels in the early nineties in favor of a red Schwinn tricycle. Follow his biking-related tweets on Twitter @ewolffmann.