The Wes Anderson Survival Kit

There are plenty of survival kits available for zombie apocalypses, natural disasters, and other worst-case scenarios, but there's not that many for real world, day-to-day applications. To give you the tools you actually need to survive, Studio Phoenix Créatif has made the Agency Survival Kitscompiling the essentials you need to make it through trying situations like a power outage, working overtime, and giving presentations. Somewhere, Wes Anderson's lawyers are drafting a lawsuit.

Power Outage
Featuring a Futura-version of Jack London's The Call of the Wild to demonstrate that you can have fun without electricity, the power outage version of this kit features a harmonica, a deck of cards, candles, socks, a flashlight, matches, and a space blanket.

The overtime kit has a Four Loco combination of coffee and alcohol at its forefront, so you'll have the energy to do your work sloppily as the witching hour approaches. Additionally, there's a stress ball you can imagine is your boss, a 24-song USB key mixtape, earphones, and a little book of ways to keep calm.

Filled with pencils, a laser pointer, USB key, deodorant, moleskins, a bow tie, and a book on the art of convincing, this kit is designed to help you get through meetings with a heavy dose of quirky adorableness.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. First he was afraid, he was petrified, but he will survive. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.