Alfa Romeo Is Custom-making 11 Guitars

Now available to order from Harrison Custom Guitar Works in England, this Alfa Romeo Guitar is a musical tribute to the beloved Italian marque. Exactly 11 of them will be hand-built to order—that’s one for each decade Alfa has been around—and it will take about eight months to build each one; such is the complexity of the instrument.

The maple body produces crystal clear sound, but taking things a step further, the front is mostly open in an homage to Alfa’s distinctive front grilles. (A side effect of the openness is that it allowed Harrison to experiment with new material combinations.) The back and inside of the body, for example, is carbon fiber, while the neck is made from a carbon-reinforced version of the same wood as a classic Gibson.

As an additional touch for the detail-minded, the bridge has a Quadrifoglio Verde—one of Alfa’s enduring symbols—set in green malachite.

The world’s finest guitars traditionally used ivory for the bridges, but since its use is less-than-responsible, they’ve gone with TUSQ, a man-made ivory that sounds all the same.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He played a guitar once. One of the strings broke.