Alton Lane Will 3D Scan Your Body To Make You A Perfect Suit

When it comes to suiting up, Alton Lane has their craft down to a science—literally. By offering high-quality apparel with cutting-edge technology in a relaxed (and refreshingly masculine) environment, you have complete and utter control over every single aspect of your suit. Alton Lane uses a state-of-the-art 3D body measurement system to capture the most specific sizing stats, all of which take about 45 seconds to capture. 

The experience itself isn't something to gloss over. The owners will happily admit they designed their NYC space to be reminiscent of your "cool friend's Brooklyn loft"—complete with a well-stocked bar, a big-screen TV, and numerous copies of The New Yorker to read at your leisure.

I had the opportunity to step into their space in midtown east and was absolutely blown away. Upon entering the shop, I was handed a glass of Bulleit on the rocks and immediately started designing my suit. I looked through upwards of 50 fine Italian and English fabrics and was given a brief idea of what would complement my tastes. 

Control is the name of the game as you get to choose your fabric, cut, and even the lining and piping of your suit. It was so legit—wait, Thomas Jefferson? WTF.

For newbs like yours truly, I was truly delighted to have gentle guidance all along the way. For instance: pinstripe pants with anything else but a pinstripe jacket? Not cool. 

The best part, though? The 3D body scan. As you step into an inconspicuous black box, you're told to remove all of your clothing (aside from your briefs) and face forward. A futuristic female voice tells you to push a little black button and classical music plays as lights flash around you from every angle. Yes, that's my bod. Jealous?

Regardless of the fact that the whole thing makes you feel like you've been dropped onto the set of Blade Runner, you're setting yourself up for a damn fine suit that fits like a glove made out of $2,500 fabric. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and definitely wore a pinstripe suit for his senior prom. Yikes.