9 aprons that actually make you more manly

Aprons. Yes, aprons. Wear them woodworking, welding, grilling, or even cooking up a five-course meal for your girl — and with these, don't worry about any questioning of your masculinity while you do whatever it is you're doing. Hell, one of them's even prison-made.

Gardenista Full Leather Apron - $97
Handmade by local craftsmen in Shropshire, Englad, it's got all-leather everything — except the brass eylets — making for one rip-resistant import.

Field Aesthetic Maker's Apron - $90
Raw materials aside, this one's already been in the thick of it: the handmade work apron is made from repurposed military tent canvas. Hooah.

Hardmill Rugged Apron - $235
Stick with what you know: that's exactly what the Seattle-based company is doing. Coming from apronmakers and apronmakers alone, it's got "apron tech" determined to make this the only article of clothing you need to wear around the house. Just keep the blinds closed. Or don't.

Caravari Grilling Apron - $159.95
Simplicity is good. Simplicity is great.

Moore & Giles CAPPS - $375
They wear with age, and naturally darken the same, developing a healthy patina that says you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty. Coming from leathermen who know what they're doing, the price is a tradeoff for undoubtedly the most durable, long-lasting apron in the group.

Oregon Corrections Enterprises Work Apron - $26
They're made of denim, so with every additional visible stains they look even more rugged. But that's not even the half of it. OCE is a program that employs inmates incarcerated in the northwestern state. It's a good program that encourages strong work ethics and prepares the convicts for re-entry (at a 90% rate) — and also produces these badass aprons.

Iron & Resin Shop Apron - $90
Trust some SoCal blue-collar beach-town "Freedom Riders" to bring the garage-ready, grill-friendly garb perfect for hanging out on the weekends — whether that's under the hood or over the coals.

Roosevelt Supply Canvas Apron - $28
Whether grilling or bartending, you're set with RS's make. And it's the most tech-savvy with a breast pocket for your smartphone when you've pulled the short-straw during the big game.

Winter Session Standard Work Apron - $88
At 100% cotton, it's the least rough-and-tumble of the bunch, but also the most indoor-appropriate the same. None of the woman in your life will be on about "not dragging all that oil and wood-shaving in from the garage."