The Swiss Army Knife Of Jackets Has More Uses Than You Can Comprehend

When anything claims to be the "world's best," it's typically wise to approach with caution. But when something makes that claim, and then quickly becomes the most backed clothing project in the history of crowdfunding, you should probably pay attention to what they're saying. BauBax, the swiss army knife of jackets, very well might be able to back up all the hype and take the throne as the world's best travel jacket.

BauBax has a ridiculous number of pockets and accessories—it comes with 15 different uses straight off the rack. From an inflatable travel pillow to built-in headphones, just about everything you'd want on a trip is considered, with special pockets for your phone and even your tablet. And that's before you start brainstorming on what else you can do with all the extra bells and whistles.
As if you didn't already have enough options to consider, there are also four styles of the jacket available at launch: sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer. Each has its own individual design wrinkles—or in the case of the blazer, none at all, as it promises to be a wrinkle-free jacket of high enough quality capable of being worn to business meetings. 

Head here to jump on the funding bandwagon, but do it fast, because rewards are going quickly. As of press time, you can get your own BauBax starting at $109.

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