These Handsome Camera Straps Are Truly All-American

And by "all-American," we mean North, Central, and South American. Cecilia Gallery is an upstart atelier based in Mamaroneck, a small town north of New York City on the Long Island Sound, harvesting materials from only the best regions in their journey to make the ultimate camera strap.

Designed in a number of combinations — including charcoal baby alpaca wool/black leather (above left), sand/brown (above center), and q'enqu/brown (above right) — the full grain leather comes from Argentina and is finished stateside, the alpaca textiles are handwoven in Peru using traditional patterns and loom weaving techniques of the Andean culture, and the nylon is sourced from mills here in the U.S. Then, assembly of the finished product is done somewhere in the middle, at a workshop in León, Mexico.

Working closely with a community of supportive photographers, Cecilia Gallery's implicit mission is to provide their photographer friends — professional and non-professional alike — with beautiful yet durable straps for the more expensive equipment they're lugging around. With this first collection, they've done just that.