Beltology Belts are Beautifully Stretchy

Is it just us, or are socks getting all the love these days? No-shows, loafer liners, socks "Made in America," socks made by athletes…and don't even get us started on all the sunglasses. Born from the belief that the age-old belt has been wrongfully overlooked and unappreciated, Beltology is putting a colorful new spin on an under-loved accessory.

Ideal for bulge-inducing holidays and vacillating waistlines, these braided belts have a strong elastic center that behaves kind of like a bungee cord. They stretch up to 25 percent of their original length, so we can only assume they might also save your life in some dire Indiana Jones-style escape situation.

Beltology eschews traditional holes in favor of a buckle prong that fits easily into the weaving, so you can adjust the belt size to your heart’s (gut’s?) content. With more than 50 color variations, they definitely make a statement, or bring juuuust the right amount of flare to your next themed event. Like that patriotic red, white, and blue number, for instance.

Each one’s trimmed with genuine full-grain leather; and if multi-colored isn’t your thing, they've got standard black, white, and brown offerings for a more formal look. Or go out on a limb with the solid bright pink—appropriately named “Macho Man"—which happens to be one of their top sellers.

Co-founded by a Harvard Business School grad, Beltology is exclusively available online which cuts excess costs so they can deliver straight to the consumer at a reasonable price. The belts currently run for $50 to $65 a pop. Which means you can splurge and get two. Or three. Or seven.

Keller Powell is an Associate Editor at Supercompressor. She owns zero belts.