The Last Bike Pump You Will Ever Buy

A bike pump isn’t exactly something you usually think about. If you need a floor pump, you usually just snag whatever’s cheap—it’ll work fine for a few years, after which you’ll get another one.

But if you spend a few extra dollars on a solidly-built device, you'll get something that works better, looks prettier, and will last at least four presidential terms (and obviously I mean Irish terms, which are seven years long). Lezyne floor pumps check all of these boxes.

There are a few different options in the Lezyne stable—alloy, CNC-machined aluminum, steel, and classic. Each one is built to last, and Lezyne makes replacement hoses, chucks, and gauges should something unlikely happen.

But reliability isn’t the only pro for Lezyne, as The Sweethome also noted. The Classic pump I tested once again proved how effective the ABS chuck really is. Unlike other pumps where you flip a lever to inflate, the ABS chuck threads onto the valves and doesn’t leak. While it’s a flawless system, it’s a little slower, so Lezyne includes a speed chuck that allows you to flip it straight on without screwing the on the tip.

Everything else is gravy—a big, clear dial, long hose, and beautiful aesthetic touches like a wooden handle and subtle branding. For just a few more dollars than a budget pump, one of these will actually have you enjoying bike maintenance and save you money in the long run.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Deputy Editor at Supercompressor. He's pretty pumped currently. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.