Lodge Cast Iron Skillets Are Worth Their Weight In Bacon

As someone who won the prestigious fifth grade pancake cookout at Holy Cross Middle School, I can assure you a flapjack maestro is only as good as the pan they're packing. 

With Lodge's seasoned cast-iron skillets, quality, consistency, and longevity will never be an issue in the kitchen—unlike wayward bacon grease. (Wear pants when you cook, people. Trust me.)

Despite their inherent simplicity, not all skillets are created equal. Lodge has been churning out high-quality cast iron wares along the feet of the Tennessee Appalachians for more than a century, with no signs of slowing down. If you thrived through the Great Depression, you're doing something right.

Everyone from Martha Stewart to legendary campfire cook Johnny Nix consider Lodge skillets to be irreplaceable. It’s a testament to Lodge’s versatility and viability that their products perform just as well in five-star kitchens as outdoor kum ba yahs.

You know how food at your Grandparents' house just tastes inexplicably better? It’s because they are wise, and use a cast iron skillet (and probably a Lodge, at that). The flavors of your food collect and season the skillet over time, making it one of the rare things in life that truly get better with age.