12 gadgets for every techie on your list

Can't figure out what to pick up your gadget-obsessed dad, bro, boss or buddy and can't fathom the Best Buy gift card cop-out? You should be able to find something on here he'll be pumped to unwrap.

QuirkyNimbus - $130
An essential office accessory for any dude who's physically unable to unplug, this smart dashboard provides an analog glimpse into his digital life. Each of the four gauges can be programmed to monitor anything from commute traffic to stock performance to emails and even Facebook notifications. Nothing like keeping all anxiety attack-inducing data in one place!

DJIPhantom 2 Vision Quadcopter - $1250
This epic toy drone aerial camera can record 1080 HD video while flying around for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. It's steered and controlled using both a joystick remote and your smartphone, and as long as it doesn't go out of a 1000-foot range, can even beam a live remote stream via an included WiFi-extender.

NikeRose Gold Nike+ FuelBand SE - $169
An even better-looking version of Nike's latest activity tracking wristband, this limited edition version incorporates a clasp, bezel, and screws manufactured from 316-series stainless steel — an aesthetic more often found in high-end timepieces a.k.a. what you'd be buying them if you thought more of them.

iRobot Braava 380t - $300
Giving someone this floor mopping robot that dry and damp mops entire rooms (automatically using disposable and reusable microfiber cleaning clothes) could be interpreted two ways: either they'll think you think their place is a total sty or that they're far too busy doing great things to have time to clean. Let's hope it's the latter.

CKIEBolt - $60
A practical gift for any guy who travels a bunch or owns an iPhone 5 is somehow always bemoaning his dying battery, this charger-backup hybrid should do the trick. Its compact body conceals a flip-down wall charger that will juice up your mobile devices while refueling the built-in back-up lithium ion battery, which holds enough power for up to two full-cycle smartphone chargers.

V-ModaCrossfade M-100 Headphones - $310
Call it catnip for audiophiles. These beauties from the V-Moda pack serious sound in a tidy and sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum package. And it's no wonder they've been lauded by industry insiders for  some time, thanks to 50-millimeter dual-diaphragm drivers and some serious noise-canceling memory foam cushions.

SonosPlay: 1 - $199
The most wallet-friendly member of the Sonos family of wireless sound systems, the Play: 1 is designed to wow on its own with a pair of Class D amplifiers and a 3.5-inch mid-woofer. But it's also a great option for anyone who's already outfitted with a full Sonos system and looking to expand.

CanonPowerShot S120 - $450
Specifically designed with social in mind, the PowerShot S120 camera features built-in Wi-Fi so you don’t have to wait a minute to prove that you just had a stupendously weird encounter with Bob Saget. Unlike most smartphones, it also excels in low light and macro photography, can shoot full HD video, and comes decked out with ultra long battery life.

Griffin TechnologyMOTO TC Rally - $100
Is he a gearhead who won't grow up/shouldn't be allowed near a real rally car? This Bluetooth-enabled RC rally car — which is controlled via smartphone app — should keep him entertained. And if you buy one for yourself, you guys can race each other, inflicting virtual damage to one another and earn perks redeemable for everything from armor to speed boosts.

UrbanearsPlattan Pendleton Edition - $80
While not as beastly or high end as the V-Modas, these are great for zoning out on the train while racking up some style points. These limited edition collapsible Plattans from UE come cloaked in the iconic native patterned virgin wool from Oregon's Pendleton.

Barnes & NobleNook GlowLight - $119
For the bookworm who hasn't taken the dive into tablet-dom yet, the newest e-reader from Barnes & Noble is a solid pick. And while it can't claim any of the bells and whistles of the Kindle Fire or iPad Mini, it is much lighter and noticeably easy on the eyes thanks to an improved front-lit e-ink display.

Roku3 - $100
Forget cable, this tiny box lets you stream 1000+ channels of movies, TV shows, sports, and music from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and VEVO straight to your TV. It boasts the more streaming movies than any other streaming player out there — hear that, Apple TV? — and even lets you plug in a pair of headphones to the included remote so you can watch late-night without disturbing the household.