19 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants This Holiday Season

It doesn't matter if you've been dating for three months or three years—trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your partner can be a torturous experience. Make no mistake, the right gift—or the tragically wrong one—can be a pretty good indicator as to whether she'll still be around for New Year's Eve.

Here to quell your shopping anxiety are 19 Supercompressor-approved gifts, arranged from least to most expensive. Note: This guide assumes that you have basic common sense and at least some idea of who you're dealing with. We take no responsibility if you completely blow it. Good luck.

1. Quirky Vine Stop

Snag your lady one of the many creative kitchen solutions from Quirky, like this combo wine stopper and bottle stabilizer. No more clutter in the fridge, and no more excuses not to crack open another bottle.

2. Underwater Puppies Coffee Table Book

Nothing says “happy holidays” like staring at a bunch of criminally adorable puppies romping around underwater, as photographed by New York Times best-selling author Seth Casteel. Girls love puppies, and don’t lie, so do you. [More...]

3. Artís Makeup Brushes

She's beautiful without makeup, but chances are, if your girlfriend’s heard of up and coming cosmetic accessory brand Artís, she wants its high quality, sleek-looking brushes. Available in an array of shapes and sizes with silky fibers that are just three-microns at the tip for precision application, Artís is poised to usher in a new age of makeup technology.

4. Best Made Co. Enamelware

Fact: A well-manufactured set of enamel steel cups look really interesting in Instagram photos. Also a fact, this set from Best Made Co. reinforced the rim and the handle—the two spots that get the most abuse—by double-dipping them in enamel, so they’ll hold up to abuse in the kitchen or by the campfire.

5. Diptyque candles

Price:$34 - $134
Candles can easily feel like a cop out, so you’ll want to get a truly good one. Diptyque's are top-notch. They’re expertly crafted in Paris and “carefully studied to result in excellence," which is something you should repeat verbatim when presenting this to her, so she knows you didn't phone it in.

6. French Press Coffee Maker

This is a total no-brainer. Throw your Keurig out the window and dutifully into the proper recycling bin as they’re made of mostly plastic. A French press may not be as efficient and simple as other methods, but you’ll be rewarded for your patience with a remarkably delicious cup of coffee or tea.

7. Vesper Vibrating Necklace

Vesper kills two birds with one (very sexually stimulating) stone by combining a stylish piece of jewelry with a mostly-discreet vibrator. It shows your girlfriend that you care about her outward appearance, but also her clitoris—because that’s pretty important. [More...]

8. SoulCycle Gift Card

Price: You decide, but probably at least $60 so you can go to a class together
Normally a gift that encourages exercise must be handled with extreme care. Not in this case. Our anecdotal evidence suggests girls love Soul Cycle passes and won't be insulted whatsoever that you're suggesting she spend an hour or three burning off Thanksgiving residuals. If she does get upset? Offer to go with her! It's actually really fun, and the guilt from last night's four slices of pizza immediately dissolves.

9. Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 isn’t for the girlfriend in your life—but the WOMANfriend. It’s a hell of a gin (and a Supercompressor favorite) that tastes as sexy as it looks. While this 47% ABV handcrafted gin is a gift for her, it should be shared with him. Him meaning you. Hi. [More...]

10. Vint & York’s Bees Knees Sunglasses

We’ve loved Vint & York since day one. They’re one of the few brands that kill it for both men and women when it comes to style. The Bees Knees frames are a stylish '60s throwback and also conveniently block out the sun’s harsh UV rays.

11. Le Labo Santal 33

Give her a scent you can share, even if it’s just for those nights when you stay over her place and forget your cologne. Le Labo is an excellent option, it's a unisex scented oil with notes of sandalwood, spices, and papyrus that you’ll both love.

12. Alite Designs Backpack Tote

Half-tote, half-backpack, this San Francisco-designed bag is casual and classic, made with duck canvas and leather. If she doesn’t like it, you can just end it right there.

13. UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker

In the vast sea of wireless speakers, we’ve fished out the best. She’ll totally love the 360° UE Boom and it’s ability to broadcast clean, crisp sound in every direction. Grab one for yourself while you’re at it, and pair them up using UE’s “Double Up” app. [More...]

14. Pax Vaporizer

What’s the one gift that keeps on giving? The gift of sweet, sweet intoxication. If you’re going to blaze with bae, do it right with the Pax. It’s tiny, easy to use, and only takes 30 seconds to warm up. 

15. Hudsons Bay Blanket

Price: $299
Wool blankets and couches go together better than Netflix and lazy Sundays. Grab the former to make the latter infinity times more cozy and comfortable.

16. iPad Mini

Price: $399
If you’re thinking about giving her that ring for the holidays, give her an iPad Mini instead. If you still want to get married when the iPad is obsolete, then you know you’re making the right decision.

17. Breville Boss Blender

The blender that truly does it all. Featuring the patented ProKinetix blade & bowl system and one-touch programming, the Boss easily pulverizes whatever you put in and churns out delicious soups, smoothies, and/or unseasonably delicious piña coladas.

18. Casper Mattress

Whether you’re using the Casper for sleep or good ol’ fashioned baby-makin’, you’re guaranteed to get the best damn sleep of your life on this thing. It’s soft and supple like an overripe avocado, but strong and supportive like an...unripe avocado? [More...]

19. Autodromo Stradale Watch

Our pals at Autodromo make some damn fine watches, but this one's firing on all cylinders. It's got an automatic movement so she'll never have to swap the battery out, a buttery leather strap that will, like her, only get better with age, and a face that's big enough to make a statement, but not so big as to make her feel like she's stolen your timepiece.