The 10 Best Hammocks To Lounge In This Summer

Whether you're using them solely for backyard relaxation or as a place to crash out on the trail, a hammock will always be a great place to lay your head. At the end of a long day trekking or grilling, there's nothing better than stretching out between two trees.

Here're ten of the best out there.

ENO DoubleNest

The DoubleNest is a minimalist nylon hammock that can very easily become an invaluable addition to anyone's trail pack. Don't think its small package means it's not to share—it's built for two and can comfortably handle up to 400 pounds.   

Hummingbird Single+

This super light (7.6 oz) American-made single person hammock uses specialized soft carabiners and FAA Rigging standard parachute technology to give you the ultimate solo hike hammock. The rig is so light and compact that when packed, it can actually fit in your pocket. 

Trek Light Double

This rig is all about comfort, making this more of a casual option. With each hammock purchased, Trek Light plants a tree in areas in need of reforestation, so you'll have more places to hang and nap in the future.

Therm-A-Rest Slacker Double

The Slacker is made for just that—slacking off in the best way possible. Its polyester fabric is made specifically to avoid the pressure points that befall nylon hammocks, making it a great choice for beach lounging with minimal clothing. 

Grand Trunk Nylon Parachute Double

This do-it-all hammock from Grand Trunk is designed to stand out with an eye-catching design and a large list of color options. Nautical-grade carabiners keep the whole setup solid and secure.

Kammock Roo

The Roo is a serious camping hammock with the specs to match. Made of LunarWave diamond ripstop fabric, it has a 500-pound capacity, which you might come close to when you hitch all your trail gear up to the specialized attachment points. 

Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

Just in case you find yourself setting up camp somewhere without trees to hang from, you can go with this portable option from Guide Gear. When packed, its case resembles a camp chair, so this one's great for those casual trips to the campsite rather than a backpacking trek.

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

This hammock/tent hybrid has the word "camping" in its name, so you know exactly what it's about. It works well on the ground as a tent or in the air as a hammock, and, when packed, is optimized to be carried on your trusty camping pack.

Warbonnet Blackbird

Another solid camping hammock, the Blackbird is made specifically to keep mosquitoes out of your sleeping space. The mesh can be unzipped if you're not so keen on being cocooned, but out in the woods you'll probably be glad to have it. 

Headdemock Fatboy

Hammocks aren't just for the trail—no backyard is complete without one. Here's one of the best free-standers you can get, with a sturdy support frame, tons of color options, and more cushion than your couch. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he's ready to hang.

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