This Versatile Travel Adaptor Will Save Your Ass In Over 150 Different Countries

Published On 03/10/2015 Published On 03/10/2015
Twist Travel Adaptor

While studying abroad, I had a recurring problem (aside from going broke and drinking gallons of wine a day). Wherever I went, I would forget my travel adapter, or bring the wrong version. This led to countless beards, missed phone calls, and weeks of unintentional Luddism—I felt like an Amish kid on reverse Rumpspringa. 

With the Twist and Twist Plus World Travel Adaptors, you'll never have to experience the anguish of having the wrong adaptor, and you won't have to lug dozens of different doohickeys with you on your jaunts around the globe. Which is good, because everyone hates excess doohickeys. 


While the Twist original packs four USB outlets that can be charged simultaneously, the Twist Plus pulls an Emeril Lagasse and kicks the whole thing up a notch, adding a MacBook charging port into the mix. 

Both models feature an intuitive "twist" design that allows them to adjust to power outlets in more than 150 different countries. With the regular model retailing at $44.99, and the Plus at $49.99, you'd be a fool not to buy it. Lest your wanderlust be seriously dampened. 



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