The Anti-Ebola Jacket

Your chances of contracting the Ebola virus are not high. Stop freaking out.

That said, you're still as vulnerable as ever to catch a run-of-the-mill cold or flu, which is why you'll want to consider suiting up this fall and winter in this Germinator Transit Jacket, which has several built-in details that can help prevent you from getting sick around a bunch of hacking and sniffly commuters.

While it's not going to provide biohazard suit-level protection from bacteria or viruses, it is designed to give the sort of all-encompassing coverage you'd want to have from snot-soaked subway poles and bus railings. 

For starters, it's hooded and features an extra tall zip-up collar that'll shield most of your face and head from stray sneezes or otherwise gross germ carriers, not to mention the myriad mysterious smells that are always lurking.

Plus, its fold-out cuffs will give you a fabric shield from any surface. Add to that the fact that much of it is cut from a special silver-infused antimicrobial fabric, and you're set for the grossest rides anywhere.

You won't feel like you're walking around in some medical-grade scrubs since it's warm enough, and even resembles, the sort of outerwear you might expect from Nau or Aether. Other convenience-oriented detail: an easy-access sleeve pocket (for metro cards, bus fare, etc), and interior ventilation pockets on either side that help you cool down quickly.

Stay safe out there.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. When necessary, he uses his sleeve to shield a sneeze on public transit, and you should too.