Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, Get A Luminescent Tent

Published On 04/17/2015 Published On 04/17/2015
MtnGLO tents
MtnGLO tents

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep—and frankly, you can get kind of freaked out being in the wilderness all alone. 

Since no self-respecting outdoorsman wants to carry a nightlight, Big Agnes has introduced a line of mtnGLO Tentsdesigned to give users security, as well as provide luminescence for any in-tent activities you just can't leave at home. 

BIg Agnes is not the first in the game to implement lighting sources into tents, but the fact that it has infused its professionally designed system into tents ranging from lightweight, backpack models, to the big guys, to standalone lighting systems that you can stick in your old tent, make this a product that really stands out.

Especially along the backlight of a brilliant, non-light-polluted skyline. Enjoy the stars, campers. 



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