Birchbox Man's New Box Has Cream, Cologne...And Virtual Reality?!

Birchbox Man is always looking out for you. Whether you just want to keep your grooming game on point or transform into Don Draper, they've got you covered. They're newest gift to mankind? A box collaboration with River Studios that has all of the grooming and lifestyle essentials you depend on—along with the keys to a whole new dimension of virtual reality.

Each box contains a custom cardboard VR viewer—similar to Google Cardboard—through which you'll be able to access full 360-degree views into virtual reality. Just download the River VR app for iOS or Android, pop your phone into the viewer, and before you know it you'll be experiencing life on the race track, riding a wave, on a roaring off-roader, or (as seen above) piloting a chopper over the ocean.

Just subscribe to Birchbox Man here for $20 a month or $195 for a year and you'll be given the keys to all this VR adventure with the August box.

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