Blue Bottle Coffee and TimBuk2 Made The Ultimate Travel Coffee Kit

Holy moly: feast your eyes upon the Blue Bottle Travel Coffee Kit. This handsome bag, born from a collaboration between Timbuk2 and Blue Bottle Coffee takes the chic convenience of a Timbuk2 bag and pairs it with basically everything you need for a gourmet cup of coffee on the go. 

A waxed canvas exterior is paired with a soft felted liner that offers comfort and promises that the contents on the inside will remain safe from external forces—like opposing bike messengers who might be after your life—hey, it happens. Did you even see Premium Rush

Upon ordering, you get a two-ounce sample of Blue Bottle's Three Africans drip blend, along with a Blue Bottle Coffee description discount card, a Porlex mini hand grinder, a Blue Bottle travel dripper, two Falcon enamelware tumblers, two Timbuk2 custom-fit zarfs, and a pack of 100% recycled and compostable filters. That's a spicy coffee-flavored meatball. 

Is it easier to put a hot cup of Dunkin' in a thermos and throw it in the back of your white Ford Bronco? Of course. Is this travel kit the obvious better choice? Definitely. A good cup of coffee is something you can and should put time, money, and effort into. Might as well do it with style. 

The Timbuk2 x Blue Bottle Travel Kit—which obviously comes complete with a little stitched Blue Bottle logo—is the ultimate adventurer kit: small, light, stylish, and able to produce enough coffee to keep the spirit of the outdoors alive in the adventure-prone traveller. 

Mmm...can you smell that? Pictures of steaming hot cups of coffee is like porn for men. Except for like, actual porn. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes his coffee like he likes his women: preferably Fair Trade Certified. 

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