The Denim Umbrella Blocks Both Rain And Harmful UV Rays, Also Haters

Published On 05/29/2015 Published On 05/29/2015
Blue Jean Umbrella
San Francisco Umbrella Company

TL;DR: It's a Blue Jean UmbrellaIt blocks UV Rays, looks better with age, and won't weigh you down. Is it better than your umbrella? Almost definitely. Why? Scroll down and we'll tell you. 

San Francisco Umbrella Company

The canopy of the umbrella is made from specialized Sunbrella™ fabric, which is endorsed by the American Skin Cancer Foundation for its 50+ UPF rating (the highest rating possible) and blocks 99% of the sun's harmful rays.

Want in? Kickstarter, big fella, $84 bucks if you beat the rush and get in now. Should be in your hands shortly as it's just beaten its funding goal. Godspeed out there.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who never leaves home without his parasol. 

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