Bomb Down the Hills on This American Flag Longboard

The rivalry between skateboarding and longboarding has been one steeped in blood, sweat, tears, and endless smack-talk. Regardless of our allegiance towards the hip skateboarding culture, we have to give it to KOTA for the introduction of their Nieuport 17 U.S. Flag Longboard. This thing is absolutely badass and dripping in US pride. Made from American Hard Rock Maple and measuring over 40 inches long, you can happily bomb down the streets of your town with inhibitions left behind. The Nieuport 17 is ideal for sharp turns and high speeds, allowing for maximum patriotism as you pump your fists to the sound of freedom. You know why? Because America—that's why. 

Along with killing it at the 'Merican flag game, KOTA has an insane line of Nieuport 17 Healey Racing Edition decks that are, really, sexy as hell. This Le Mans Blue measures 9.5 inches wide and 43 7/8 inches long and pays homage to the racing world with their customizable two-digit number. So, like...what's your number? 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and is bad on wheels, but can run kinda fast.