Attn: Break Glass In Case Of Zombies Or Vampires

A good-looking wall-mounted emergency kit can be a beautiful thing.

But since an emergency doesn't happen every day—there are cops around the country who've never even drawn their gun—putting a little more design and care into the kit and mounting it behind glass might be worth your while. Instead of a break-the-glass CPR kit (or fire alarm), which are things that very well might befall you, the good people at In-Case-Of have created gorgeous, wall-mounted emergency kits for some more unlikely scenarios.

Like Zombies. Or Demons. Or sharks with laser beams. Or all three. 

Zombies- $188
The most realistic issue to cope with—we think—this box has:

1. 12 gauge short barrel shotgun (non-operational, fortunately or unfortunately)
2. Hunting knife with belt sheath
3. Hand grenade
4. Zombie outbreak field handbook
5. 10 shot gun shells box
6. Four shot gun shells on leather belt-holder
7. Emergency hammer

Vampires- $188
There's only one real way to keep a vampire in the ground—heavy duty vampire stakes.

1. Two vampire stakes
2. Heavy duty stake hammer
3. Large metal cross
4. Holy water container
5. Three garlic heads
6. Vampire survival guide
7. Small protective cross

Werewolves- $188
You have a distinct advantage when you're fighting werewolves—you know when they're coming based on the full moon. However, they're still werewolves, so you've got to be prepared. This is what you need:

1. HP-IA (High Power-Increased Accuracy) musket equipped with silver bayonet 
2. Four silver rifled bullets on stand
3. Black powder flask
4. Protective amulet
5. Pouch containing silver bullets, wadding, and percussion caps
6. Werewolf handbook

Demons- $188
What is it with Christianity and demons? We don't know, but we'll do whatever to get those demons out of the area. Here's what we're working with:

1. Large cross
2. Blessed protective cross
3. Holly water container
4. Bible
5. Stole
6. Sacred scroll of abolishment   
7. 10 feet of constraining rope

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supecompressor. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.