Breitling Just Dropped A Smart Watch For Fighter Pilots

Published On 03/16/2015 Published On 03/16/2015
Breitling's smart watch

When a legendary watchmaker like Breitling ventures into the wired-in world of wearable tech, you know they're going to deliver a superior product on their terms. Such is the case with the B55 Connected, Brietling's iPhone-paired chronograph which puts the phone at the watch's disposal, and not the other way around.


Your phone will essentially act as a magnifying glass for the watch. Alarm setting, adjusting display, and accessing operating parameters are controllable via mobile, allowing the pair to provide a bigger, user-friendly experience. 

But it doesn't stop there. You can upload data from your watch to the phone, like flight times, for example, granting you the ability to share on an interactive platform.


The SuperQuartz™ movement (certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) provides hyper-accurate time keeping, while features like the electric tachometer keep true to its pilot roots. 

No word on pricing yet, but you can expect to hear more at Baselworld 2015 later this week.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She'd consider a pilot's license just to have an excuse to wear this every day. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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