Yoga Mats Designed Strictly For Guys

Many dudes—not just hippie dippie crystal worshippers—are doing hatha and bikram yoga these days. Want proof? Simply take a look at the hilariously irreverent new gear being produced by the industrious folks behind Brogamats.

Launched out of frustration due to the narrow selection of yoga mats for men, the collection consists of four mat bags decked out in uniquely masculine designs including a chopped log, lumberjack pattern, quiver of arrows, and foil-wrapped burrito. [Editor's note: actual burritos and yoga class are not a great combo, trust us.]

They also sell a single mat, which matches the quiver of arrows bag when rolled up and is cut extra long, extra thick, and "grippy as hell," so as to accommodate men's larger, sweatier, burrito-stuffed bodies.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's attended a handful of yoga classes, all of which hurt like hell.