The Best Leather Bags You’ve Never Heard Of

A quality leather bag, like a well-tailored suit or a go-to cocktail, is something that every self-respecting adult should have. Not only does it speak volumes when you walk into a business meeting, a beautifully weathered briefcase or duffel is the sort of token heirloom you can pass down to whatever rapscallion(s) you leave behind.

With that in mind, Adam Kail founded Brothers Leather—a nod to the level of quality they set out to achieve. “We want our bags to stick closer than a brother. And be more dependable, too,” Kail said.

The upstart American brand is proudly turning out totes, Dopp kits, messengers, camera bags, and duffels from tanned goatskin sourced directly from heartland USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Commence the bag lust. 

The Sailor - $150
A superb low-profile commuter option, this one is meant to evoke “the good ole' days sailing the open seas with your favorite pair of Top-Siders,” and frankly, who are we to disagree? It’s also a solid choice for the virulently anti-buckle—the full front flap secures to the base with a magnet.

The Executive - $200
Take the clean lines of The Sailor, add some pockets, and the result is this larger, professorial over-the-shoulder bag equipped, as they put it, to help you “dominate the boardroom.” And while we can’t speak to the veracity of such a claim, it certainly commands respect as a damn handsome specimen.

The Muse - $155
For the guy who doesn’t go anywhere without a lens, The Muse is your padded, velvet-lined guardian angel. It’s equipped with a divider, three external pockets, and enough interior storage to safely stash at least one DSLR or film camera and a couple lenses. 

The Champion - $245
By far our favorite of the bunch, the aptly named Champion wins on all fronts: from its spacious interior to its lightly aged exterior, to the fact that it’s jaw-droppingly affordable when compared to bags of similar size and quality. This is the one companion you’ll want on every long weekend away.

The Lincoln Dopp - $42
You’re a grown man, stop stashing toothpaste and deodorant along with your button-downs and jeans, where they can do some seriously sticky damage. Grow up and get a Dopp kit, and better yet, make it this one. 

And if you’re the type of guy who prefers to put his name on everything, they’re also offering the option to get your bag of choice personalized with your initials (or a name, up to nine letters). 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He carries everything in a fanny pack.