Burton Bags: Now Available On Supercompressor

You know the story: Burton, started by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, invented the sport of snowboarding.  At its core, the Burton brand has built a bulletproof reputation for durable, versatile, and stylish products - qualities that these backpacks, messengers, and insulated-booze bags all have in spades.


And now, those items are for sale on Supercompressor. Below are several of our picks. Enjoy.  

All of Burton’s bags come with a lifetime warranty, not that you'll need it though, every piece is built to take a beating.


Tinder Pack - $69

“Since day one, we’ve charged ahead to innovate and give back to snowboarding as much as we’ve gotten out of it," says Burton. 

Kettle Pack - $49

Burton's polyester gear is made to withstand mountain extremes. And since they've got roomy pockets, can't-miss-'em colors, and a virtually indestructible construction, you'll never need to buy another backpack.

Beeracuda - $20

The Beeracuda stacks five cans in an insulated sling and has a shoulder strap with a koozie, which means that your half-finished drink will stay safe while you scramble up the mountain.