This Thermos Is Actually An All-In-One Coffee Maker

Published On 04/09/2015 Published On 04/09/2015
cafflano coffee maker thermos

As nice as it is to start your day with a nice cup of joe at home in the morning, most of us are lucky if we have enough time to put on pants before heading out the door. But now you'll be free to brew java on-the-go thanks to the new Cafflano Klassic thermos, which is packed like a Russian nesting doll with an all-in-one coffee maker. 


Unscrew the insulated vessel's cap to reveal four different components: a hand mill grinder, metal filter dripper, drip kettle, and a tumblr cup. To get that sweet, sweet caffeine rush as you step on the subway or wait in traffic, add 2 oz. of whole beans and crank the grinder like a boss. Once it's settled into the filter below, slowly pour hot water from the drip kettle (which you quickly heated before you left), and let it steep through the grounds. Then, when it's finished, lift off the filter and sip away.



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