20 Celebrities and The Bikes They Ride

Most celebrities either drive Ferraris or Priuses (Prii?), but many still stick to two wheels, exposing themselves to cars, paparazzi, and ghastly commoners. Below we've compiled 20 celebs who pimp around town on bikes—for each, you'll see, we've detailed the bike he or she is riding.  

Is it bad that we find the bikes more interesting than the people? 

1. Zac Efron:All-City Nature Boy
Zac took this single-speed All-City cross bike and put flat bars on it. Very hip, very Efron-y. 

2. Justin Theroux:Shinola Runwell
Made in Detroit by hand, Shinola's Runwell gets ridden by Mr. Aniston himself.

3. Russell Crowe:A Scott Mountain Bike
Rusty is cruising here on a Scott. It also appears he is ready to hop that curb and do a wheelie into a photographer's telephoto lens.

4. Patrick Dempsey:Specialized Roubaix
McDreamy rides a Roubaix, a bike noteworthy for smoothing out the bumps. Smooth. Huh. Sounds like someone we know.

5. Conan O'Brien:A Titanium Serotta
Conan is riding a Serotta titanium bike, probably custom made to measure if that massive head-tube is anything to judge by. This is one of the priciest bikes on this list. 

6. Brad Pitt:A Schwinn Cruiser
Clutching a book with Obama's face on it, Brad shows off his impressive one-handed bike skills. Billy Beane would be thoroughly impressed. 

7. Fernando Alonso:Colnago/Ferrari Hardtail
The Spanish king of speed shows off his time-trial position on the racetrack on a Ferrari bike, made by Italy's finest, Colnago.

8. George Clooney:Colnago Mountain Bike
Of course George has an Italian bike. When in Como... 

9. Matt Damon:Felt Hardtail
Mr. Bourne rides a very legit hardtail from Felt. Seems he's ready for clipless pedals, but we'll let him work it out in his own time. Our sources say he was going to see about a girl. 

10. Jude Law:Marin Urban Bike
Hey, Jude, is that an ABUS lock? Good call. 

11. Justin Timberlake:Giant Pavement Bike
He rides a Giant. She rides a Trek. But they're still in love

12. Leonardo DiCaprio:Citi Bike
Of course. He's not exactly king of the world here, but we love the economical choice by Leo, who, despite having eff-you money, is riding a bike that costs $95 per year. A man of the people. Who exclusively dates supermodels. He also joins in on some Category 6 races with the commoners.

13. Olivia Wilde:3G Beach Cruiser
When on Venice beach, you must use a beach cruiser. It's the law.

14. Taylor Swift:Cyrus Dutch Cruiser
This brand went out of business in the 1970s, so T-Swift has found herself an antique, as only Taylor Swift can. This might be the best picture ever taken. Of anything. 

15. Russell Brand:Trek Hybrid
The second Russell on this list, Brand rides a Trek "fitness bike." It is black.

16. Barack Obama:Trek Fuel EX
The leader of the free world doesn't mess around, riding a full-suspension mountain bike—a Trek—just like his predecessor. However, he's ditched the Bush headband. Shame. 

17. Pierce Brosnan:Santa Cruz Mountain Bike
Officially transforming himself from Irishman into a true Californian, Pierce rides a very 2000s Santa Cruz with bar-ends, v-brakes, and a Havana in his left hand.

18. Owen Wilson:Swobo Fixie
Owen should wear a helmet. We don't want him to end up like this. God, look at him. It's like he TRIES to be ridiculous in every single photo. 

19. Orlando Bloom:A Columbus-Tubed Single Speed
We're not 100 percent sure what bike Lando's riding here, but it's a steed made with super-legit Italian tubing. And not a trendy Internet bike, for once. 

20. Matthew McConaughey:Trek Team Discovery Madone SSL
Most likely a gift from fellow Texan, Lance Armstrong, Matthew rides harder than most of the people on this list. McConaughey keeps getting older, these bikes stay the same quality.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He rides bikes, too. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.