Pop’s day is coming up real soon, and he deserves more than three text messages per month. After all, you do have him to thank for your very existence, and… all that other stuff he did for you.
When it comes to classy gifting, few brands command the same clout as Coach. That’s why we enlisted them to hand pick 18 products for three different, super-dapper dad iterations (including fathers young and old). There’s the all-business selection, there’s hitting the road, and there’s power-dinnering with all the other dads. Scroll down and get ready to hook him up.

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Coach-Curated Gifts for a Dapper Dad's Day

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Everyone knows that dad works hard (he may have mentioned it, from time to time). But forget the dollar-store’s 5-pack button-up special and score a few of these boss numbers, like refined Allen Loafers or a Leather Sketchbook to step up meeting scribbles. Send him off to the nine-to-five looking like a million bucks.

Business Dad works hard so he can enjoy the finer weekends in life. Sub-par adventure gear won’t do, so set him up for summer excursion success with supplies like the casual York Lace Sneaker or the Pebble Leather Mercer Tote.

When it’s time to pull up a chair and tuck into a T-bone, dad had better be comfortably dressed for the occasion... because steak deserves a nimble gluttony. Deck him out in the Bleecker Leather Racer, and a sleek black Money Clip to whip out come bill time -- because he’s totally gonna do that lightning-fast bill-grab move.